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I would like searching honda that odysseys hardcore

Reliability indicates how models have performed in the past, providing the basis for predicting how the vehicles will hold up in the year ahead. These charts provide the most comprehensive reliability information available to consumers. Based on information received from our latest subscriber survey, our reliability history charts give you a rundown on how used vehicles are holding up in 17 potential trouble spots, ranging from the engine, transmission, and brakes to power equipment and the electrical system.

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Despite being an extremely popular car brand, Honda has experienced numerous problems with their Odyssey model. Throughout the years, the Honda Odyssey has experienced transmission problems in many of their cars, with a more prevalent problem during the years of Honda began marketing and manufacturing the Odyssey increating a smaller minivan for the middle class market. SinceHonda has made a bigger version of the Odyssey in North America to fit bigger families and more items. Unfortunately, is when the transmission problems began, citing issues with the transmission durability in the 4-speed automatic car.

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Exclusively developed for the demands of minivan driving, the Odyssey engine boasts strong low-rpm torque for good off-line and around-town acceleration, fuel economy comparable to a sedan, and low emissions. For example, in order to keep size and weight to a minimum, the heat-treated, die-cast aluminum-alloy engine block has a relatively short deck height and close mm bore spacing. The engine's degree V-angle minimizes underhood space and also helps keep vibration to a minimum.

The piston pins are also a quieter, full-floating de that make less noise, especially during engine warm-up. To further save weight and minimize vibration, the forged-steel connecting rods are a compact, lightweight type, measuring only 19 mm in width. Even the connecting-rod bolts are a lightweight, small-diameter, nutless type. However, despite their smaller size, they have the same strength margins as larger, conventional nut- and threaded bolt-type fasteners, because they are deed to be torqued to the higher clamping forces of the bolt material's plastic-deforma-tion region, instead of its lower elastic region.

The engine's fully counterweighted, forged-steel crankshaft has also been kept short in order to minimize vibra-tion and uses a special dual-mode crankshaft damper pulley.

The elimination of hold-down caps and the use of a single overhead camshaft helps minimize engine height and improves underhood packaging, compared to an engine equipped with dual overhead camshafts. The camshafts are constructed of ductile iron and flame-hardened to achieve the necessary hardness. The camshafts are turned by a crankshaft-driven, glass-fiber reinforced, toothed belt.

Transmission repair and replacement

An automatic tensioner compensates for belt stress and fluctuation. The cylinder he feature efficient pentroof combustion chambers, with 4 valves per cylinder. Four valves per cylinder offer several advantages over 2-valve arrangements, most notably lower reciprocating mass, which allows the engine to safely reach higher rpm and develop greater horsepower.

Additionally, valve area is increased with the use of four valves, relative to conventional 2-valve systems, resulting in improved air flow. Valve actuation is via low-friction roller-bearing cam followers. The second intake valve does lift off its seat slightly, in order to prevent odyssey puddling, which would lead to an excessively rich transmission.

This stratified charge, combined with honda Odyssey engine's precise control of the exhaust-gas recirculation and air-injection system, in lower emissions especially during the critical warm-up period and better fuel economy. The rocker arms are a low-friction, roller-bearing type, which help improve engine efficiency.

The greater valve area of all four valves provides the necessary increase in intake and exhaust flow to meet the V-6 engine's mid- and high-rpm performance needs. Air induction is via a one-piece, low-pressure die-cast-aluminum intake manifold with individually tuned intake runners, deed to boost low-rpm torque. A tuned plenum and throttle body connect to the upper end of the manifold. The result is more efficient combustion, easier starting, better high-altitude and cold-weather driveability especially during engine warm-upand lower hydrocarbon emissions.

AAI uses an additional injector near each fuel injector that shoots a jet of air into the atomized fuel spray, breaking it into smaller fuel droplets so that it will burn more completely. PGM-FI uses a bit PCM, connected to sensors that monitor throttle position, engine temperature, cylinder-firing position, intake manifold pressure, atmospheric pressure, exhaust-gas oxygen content and intake air temperature.

The PCM uses this information to determine the fuel requirements of the engine. It then activates each fuel injector at precisely the right moment for optimum power and efficiency. The result is excellent driveability, smooth torque delivery, reduced emissions and better fuel economy.

An additional advantage of PGM-FI is easier maintenance and repair, since the PCM can sense when various components in the system are malfunctioning and flash a trouble code that tells the service technician where the problem is located. This de offers several advantages over a more conventional ignition coil and distributor, including greater latitude in spark timing, since there is no need to alter dwell timing to let the coil windings saturate, as well as less weight and complexity.

Compared to the older vacuum-actuated model, the Odyssey's electric actuator has improved response, more accurate speed control, weighs less and takes up less underhood space.


Additional features of the transmission include precise shifting with reduced shift shock, compared to the automatic transmission used on the Odyssey. This new de also boasts less gear noise and vibration, and greater efficiency, and its Grade Logic Control is better integrated into the cruise control system.

The transmission is produced at the new Honda Transmission Manufacturing plant in Ohio. The transmission is a constant-mesh type, with three parallel shafts: input, intermediate and output.

Shifting is electronically controlled and hydraulically actuated. Shift management is controlled by a new bit microprocessor.

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This microprocessor's greater capacity is used to control two linear-shift sole-noids that in turn control hydraulic pressure to the gear clutch packs. Since the new control is more linear, clutch engagement is more progres-sive. The result is smoother shifting under all conditions, whatever the driving style. A centrifugal hydraulic cancellation mechanism built into the clutch pack further minimizes shift shock by reducing unwanted centrifugal hydraulic pressure. The low-gear clutch and one-way clutch of the transmission have been eliminated.

Owner reported trouble spots

The low-gear hold function is now handled by the low-gear clutch. The use of three support bearings for the intermediate and output shafts helps reduce gear noise, reduces shaft bending and maintains proper mesh even under load.

The lockup torque converter helps minimize fluid-coupling slip by mechanically coupling the engine to the transmission during certain driving modes, such as steady-state cruising. The benefit is better mileage.

The lockup feature works in 3rd and 4th gears, and also maintains lockup in 3rd and 4th gears during deceleration. The PCM determines when vehicle speed drops below the speed set by the cruise control and initiates the appropriate gear selection, if necessary.

This feature is especially useful when driving up and down long grades. Close HondaNews Home. Toggle Honda Auto News.

About transmission repair and replacement

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Date Range. February 21, — Torrance, Calif. The following list highlights the main features of the Odyssey drivetrain: 3. Back to Top. Download Photos Add Photos to Basket.