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The average massage cost in India is around Rs.

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Massage is one of the best way to relax your body and mind. You can also get affordable price for all massage packages. Combining key elements of Ayurveda and Yoga, Thai massage consists of continuous contortions of your body by your masseur. It is deed to instill a sense of relaxation in your entire body. It is said that these slow changes in body position will allow for your mind, body, and spirit to relax putting you in a state of meditation.

The improved blood circulation of the body will enhance body healing and rejuvenate your mind as well.

Experts say that this massage can even reduce the chances of diabetes, strokes and heart attacks. Looking for a Balinese massage with a teaspoon of flavor? Then this traditional massage is for you. Accompanied with the tantalizing fragrance of essential oils, this massage adds some aromatherapy to the mix. You can also expect some acupressure, tender stretching and reflexology to acquire that kick in improved blood flow and relaxation you have been deprived for so long.

How much does a massage cost in india?

This style of massage is excellent in soothing damaged tissues and relieving muscle and t pain. The mild stretching will improve circulation, reducing stress levels and hastening recovery. This will put you in a relaxed trance we all so much adore. An addition of the sweet aroma of essential oils is just perfect to brighten up your mood so you can enjoy the sensation a lot better.

It is deed to improve blood flow and oxygen, which puts you in a sweet, hazy and relaxed state while endowing you with saccharine tension relief. Long, gliding strokes towards the heart accompanied by kneading, tapping, circular palm pressure and stretching will leave you pleading for more. Studies have shown that this type of rubbing has proven to reduce stress hormones in the body and induce a bewildering state of unhindered relaxation. They say this massage even boosts your immune system protecting you from a nasty cold and flu attack. If you are one of the Massage seekers in Bangalore or Interest to take body rubbing therapy in Bangalore means, visit and Call our customer care executives.

They will help you definitely to take body massage treatment. Once you call our customer care executives, they tell the address and all the details. If you are struggling to find our Spa means, we arrange vehicles for you.

Home based massage service also available. If you want to take a massage at your home means call us. We will send executives to your place. We are the clients favorite doorstep or home massage center in Bangalore. This focuses on specific regions of the body where there knots and tight fibers.

They are called trigger points- hence the name of the technique. Couple Massage allows two people to be massaged at the same time in the same room. These could be a little more romantic than the other types of services. Warm stones are used by placing them on acupressure points of your body. Heat from the stones are transmitted deeply in to the body.

This can offer exceptional relaxation to the body. Hot stone massage in Bangalore provides greater pain relief than most other rubbing techniques because the hot stones give a better penetration advantage. This technique also improves blood circulation in the body due to heat that opens up the blood vessels.

It has been proven that low circulation causes body fatigue. Apart from body and muscle relaxation, hot stone spa improves mental wellbeing that may arise from depression and anxiety.

Sports massage in Bangalore may be used for a of purposes. It may be used for recovery by athletes after injuries. It may also be used before, during or after a sporting event for increased flexibility and help during training. Chair Spa is becoming popular in Bangalore because of the soothing relief to your head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Generally, the focus is on the upper part of the body.

The beautiful thing about Chair spa is that you can receive it on- the- go.

This is because massage is done while you are fully clothed and it is pretty much short time. So, out your busy schedule and daily routine, you can enjoy a Chair rub without having to undress or setting aside long hours just to get a massage. When you have stiff and painful muscles, deep tissue massage is your best bet. The techniques deployed involves direct pressure on muscles and tissues deep beneath the skin. These techniques can help reduce chronic pain and muscle tension. It also improves blood pressure, repairs injured tissue and india relief. Based on ancient beliefs that the body has several pressure points, acupressure explores the relaxation power of applying pressures to the pressure points in the body.

It uses techniques aimed at muscle relaxation, head ache relief, pain management, stress management, relief from back pain, mental wellness, increased circulation, improved immunity, alleviation of arthritis symptoms, stress management e. We are the top rated acupuncture massage therapist near your desired area in Bangalore. During a Shiatsu Massage massage in Bangalore, the therapists bodies your body and applies pressure to specific points while causing the body to relax. When there is need to manage stress and pain, shiatsu provides a good alternative. Fingers thumb, elbows, knees and feet are used to relieve stubborn pain points.

It specifically useful for reducing stress, pain management, head and neck pressure relief, increased digestion, mental wellness, t flexibility, tight and tensed muscle relief e. Pregnancy massage in Bangalore is exceptionally useful to relief pregnancy related conditions pre and post natal. It helps for pregnancy aches and pains. Tense muscles are relaxed and improves circulation. The question is how do you lie down for treatment?

A special massage table and pad is usually employed here. This enables you to be able to lie face down with pains to the tender breast of belly. This treatment covers your all parts of the body. Taking full body rubbing will give excellent body. Female massage therapist available here to provide full body massage.

Full body to body massage in delhi

It is one among the most famous spa treatment in bangalore. Mostly all spas offer full body massage because of the demand. It is a complete package for body massage seekers. So, now to take full body massage in Bangalore. You and Your partner allocated into the Private room. From there you can take a nude massage with your partner. We have many s of a female massage therapist. From those, you can choose your best model.

Aunties, Models, Girls, Actresses also available here. Females show the heaven to you.

Perfect massage & beauty treatments for you

They rub their body with your body and provide a massage service. Female masseur Rubs their body with your Body. This is also called as B2B massage. Many persons in Bangalore, wanted to take this type of rub. Two body friction makes a special feel for both of you. Once you take Body to Body massage in our Spa, you should visit again and again for this.