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Brittany am michigan guy who spaniels exhibitionist

Buying a puppy should be a well-considered decision. Reputable breeders want their puppies to go to homes where they will be loved and well provided for. We want puppy to be an enjoyable part of your family for a lifetime.

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Where to buy brittany spaniel puppies in michigan (mi)

Ollie just dabbles in Field Trials, he was good enough to make it to Nationals and got around clean! What he's best at is being an outstanding hunter and family dog! Brittanys can do it all!! What to expect when you come to see one of our litters! Visitors are always welcome, that is one of the things that make our puppies so special! Lots of people around them from the time they are born.

Here you can see a typical visit from a future puppy owner! This was a facebook cover photo of the American Brittany Club. I took this picture at the Gun Dog Nationals! Please consider a wonderful Brittany from the American Brittany Rescue.

Romence brittanys

There are many wonderful brittanys that need a home and yours might just be one of them! You will also find a great section about Brittanys and why a Senior Brittany might be a good choice.

Please note that my cell phone is and it is the only that I answer now! We currently do not have any puppies, please enjoy my site!

Best brittany spaniel breeders in michigan (mi)

Watch a Brittany grow, from birth to 8 weeks. Recommended reading for all new puppy owners!! All Rights Reserved Privacy Policy.

Brag : Pedigrees and Sires About Gauge! Last Week!

Six Weeks! Lucy and Jasper Puppies!

History: We have had wonderful brittanys for over 42 years and love the breed. They are a great size family dog with tremendous desire to please. She was with us for over 14 years.

Our next Brittany was Brandy, who unfortunately found Cascade Road at the age of 4. At that time we installed Invisible Fence and everyone has been safe every since. It is a very wise investment for your precious puppy! After the loss of Brandy, we were very fortunate to find two wonderful lines of Brittanys that has been the foundation of our litters.

Our first Brit we got was Greta, who passed away in at 14, and the next year we got Copper, who passed away in at These two girls proved to be a couple of the greatest hunting dogs you could ever want!

Were you able to find a brittany spaniel puppy in michigan?

Aunt Greta was spayed early in life, but Copper went on to have four litters. Trainer John Johnson of Hopkins, Mich took her to South Dakota for a month of Guiding and said she was one of finest hunting dogs that he would ever hunt with. He stated that she had an uncanny natural ability to stop a running pheasant.

All of the people he guided always wanted to go behind that little brittany!

We have been very fortunate to have outstanding hunters! Our Girls have hunted pheasant in the Dakotas and spend many hours on our properties in Northern Michigan pointing woodcock and partridge.

They have great desire, excellent noses and are very eager to please. When they are not hunting, they are spoiled rotten house dogs, chasing squirrels and sleeping by the fire or under the foot stool! Life is good! Romence Brittanys. Welcome to Romence Brittanys We pride ourselves in placing well socialized, beautiful Brittanys with exceptional hunting abilities into great homes.

Marsport brittany puppies & litters

Our pups are raised in our laundry room where they are part of our everyday life, so they get plenty of attention! Great care is taken to make sure the pup you receive will be a wonderful family and hunting companion. View on Mobile.