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Women in Canada live at greater risk than men of domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment, and sex trafficking. There are many forms of gender-based violence. While this focuses on domestic violence against women, there is more information in:. Listen on Spotify or here. All Canadians pay a steep price for gender-based violence. This figure includes immediate costs, such as emergency room visits and related costs, such as loss of income.

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research has shown that females for a smaller proportion of offenders in Canada, and the rate at which females are accused of committing a crime is lower than the rate among males Hotton Mahoney ; Kong and AuCoin Compared to the amount of research on male criminality, relatively little is known about the nature and extent of female offending Liddell and Martinovic For this Juristat article, "youth" are those aged 12 to 17 and "young adults" are those aged 18 to Adults aged 25 and older are categorized into the following age groups: 25 to 34 years, 35 to 44 years, 45 to 54 years, 55 to 64 years and 65 to 89 years.

Note Rates are calculated on the basis ofpopulation aged 12 to 89 years.

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Any rates referring specifically to youth are calculated on the basis ofpopulation aged 12 to 17 years. Accused: An accused person is someone who police services have identified in connection with a criminal incident based on evidence linking the accused to the crime. Most serious violation: Individuals accused of crime are categorized by the most serious violation occurring in the police-reported incident in which they are accused.

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In incidents with multiple accused involving multiple violations, each individual in the incident will be coded with the most serious violation even if this was not the violation s that the person was accused of. It is therefore possible that the most serious violation is not the offence for which an individual was accused, but one committed by another accused in the incident. Moreover, in this type of incident, any charges against the accused may be for less serious offences in the incident. Drug offences: Include offences under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act such as importation, exportation, trafficking, production and possession of drugs or narcotics.

Violent offences: Involve the use or threatened use of violence against a person, including homicide, attempted murder, assault, sexual assault, and robbery.

Robbery is considered a violent offence because, unlike other theft offences, it involves the use or threat of violence. See Table 2 for a list of selected offences in this category. Property offences: Involves an unlawful act to gain property, but does not involve the use or threat of violence against the person. Includes offences such as break and enter, theft and mischief.

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Other Criminal Code offences: Include crimes such as disturbing the peace and offences against the administration of justice, such as failure to comply with an order, failure to appear and breach of probation. Rates of offending were higher among males than females for all three Criminal Code violation types offences excluding drug offences and other federal statuteswith the greatest difference in rate being for other Criminal Code offences 1, versus perpopulation, respectively Chart 1.

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Inrates of female accused were highest in the territories—Nunavut 26, perfemalesNorthwest Territories 21, and Yukon 10, —followed by the provinces of Saskatchewan 4, and Manitoba 3, Rates of male accused were also highest in the territories and the prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba see Appendix table. Overall, females Wellandport a rate nearly four times dominate than males when it came to woman accused of a violent offence in females versus 1, males perpopulation.

Among accused persons overall, the rate of violent crime was highest among youth and then decreased with age—a finding that is consistent with research showing that rates of offending typically peak at age 16 for females and age 17 for males Chart 3. This pattern was evident among females sexual, with rates of offending highest among youth accused females perpopulation aged 12 to 17 data not shown.

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In addition to younger women having higher rates than adult women, there were different patterns noted for some offences. Likewise, when looking at youth accused, female accused ed for a greater proportion of accused persons than they did among adults. This pattern was found among both female and male accused.

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Regardless of age group, rates of property crime among females were less than half that of males Table 1. Overall, for both female and male accused persons, assault levels 1, 2 and 3 made up the majority of violent crime. However, the difference was not as great for other offences. As was the case overall, the proportion of females accused of assault decreased as the level of severity increased Table 2. Most females accused of violent crime knew their victim. Like all violence, family-related violence has adverse long- and short-term effects for the victim that can seriously increase Ontario risk of mental illness, substance use, social isolation and further victimization—however, violence in the context of a familial relationship can have even more adverse effects for the victim Burczycka and Conroy ; Taylor-Butts Across the provinces and territories, trends in rates of female accused of violent crime tended to follow patterns of crime in general, in that rates in the territories were highest.

Inamong the provinces specifically, the rate of female accused was highest in Manitoba 1, perpopulation and lowest in Prince Edward Island data not shown.

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Research shows that the majority of offenders commit their first crime as a youth Allen and Superle ; Farrington et al. Marked by a period of transition from childhood into adulthood, adolescence is a distinct period of development and offending tends to peak during this stage of life Smith Police-reported data for Criminal Code and drug violations from the Incident-based Uniform Crime Reporting Survey show that the rate of offending among female youth was 2, accused perfemale youth Text box 2 chart.

Female youth were less likely than male youth to be accused of committing a violation inwith rates at least half of their male counterparts for each violation type Chart 3. Police-reported data show that the overall rate of females accused of property crimes in was highest Dominating youth aged 12 to 17, with a rate of 1, perfemales Table 1.

This was slightly higher than the rate for females aged 18 to 24 1, perand almost 18 times higher than the rate Wellandport females aged 65 to 89 61 perProperty crime was also highest among male youth aged 12 to 17 2, accused permales —a rate that was 22 times higher than their counterparts aged 65 to 89 Table 1.

Of all females, youth had the highest rate of sexual offending accused perfemale youth. With consideration given to lower levels of maturity, youth in Canada who are accused of, and subsequently charged with, committing a criminal offence are tried under the Youth Criminal Justice Actwith rare exceptions.

Note The remaining charges involving a female woman were acquitted or resulted in the accused being found not criminally responsible Statistics Canada a.

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While generally ing for a small proportion of police-reported crime in Canada, homicide is considered to be the most serious criminal offence. According to the Homicide Survey, there were females accused of homicide during this period, marking an average of 62 per year—compared with an average of males per year—and corresponding to a rate of 0.

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Between andManitoba recorded homicides overall, translating into an average annual rate of 5. With regard to females specifically, there were females accused of homicide in Manitoba over this period, translating into an average annual rate of 1. Overall, women for individuals accused of homicide were highest among those aged 18 to 24 5. In dominate, among females, sexual rates for homicide were similar across the 12 to 17, 18 to 24, 25 to 34 and 35 to 44 age groups Table 5. Compared to their woman counterparts, females aged 18 to 24 and 25 to 34 ed for a larger proportion of females accused of homicide sexual and In general, Aboriginal people tend to be over-represented as offenders in the criminal justice system and as victims of crime—a finding that can be tied to intergenerational trauma, colonization, racism and discrimination, as well as lack of funding and culturally appropriate alternatives to imprisonment Friedland ; Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada research suggests that the higher victimization rates among Aboriginal people were related to the presence of risk factors such as homelessness, drug use, experiencing childhood maltreatment or having fair or poor mental health Boyce In specifically, the rate of Aboriginal females accused of homicide was 27 times higher than the rate of non-Aboriginal females Wellandport.

Note Aboriginal males also had a higher rate of being accused of Wellandport than Dominating non-Aboriginal counterparts Collecting information on self-reported experiences of victimization is valuable for exploring the nature and extent of female offending given that not all crimes are brought to the attention of the police Perreault The GSS on Victimization also asks respondents about characteristics of any incidents they experienced, including information on the of offenders and the perceived sex and age of the offender s.

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Since the GSS on Victimization includes sexual assaults not reported to the police—and since sexual assaults are almost exclusively perpetrated by males—this increases the proportion of males among offenders identified in the self-reported data. On the other hand, these s exclude some crimes more commonly perpetrated by females, such as criminal harassment or indecent or harassing communications.

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While both the GSS on Victimization and the Incident-based Uniform Crime Reporting Survey are used to measure crime, methodological and conceptual differences exist between the two surveys. As such, direct comparisons should not be made between the surveys see Wallace et al. research has shown that females are less likely than males to be charged with a criminal offence and less likely to go to court when they are charged Hotton Mahoney et al. The Integrated Criminal Court Survey ICCS collects information on Canadian criminal court cases in both youth courts and adult criminal courts, including information on types of offences and sentencing outcomes.

Regardless of the type of violent offence, cases involving an adult male accused tended to result in a guilty decision more often than for female accused, with the exception of sexual assault cases, where the proportions convicted were similar among females and males Table 7. Table 7. Includes guilty of the charged offence, of an included offence, of an attempt of the charged offence, or of an attempt of an included offence. This category also includes guilty pleas, and Ontario where an absolute or conditional discharge has been imposed.

Return to note 1 referrer. Includes final decisions of found not criminally responsible and waived out of province or territory. This category also includes any order where a guilty decision was not recorded, the court's acceptance of a special plea, cases which raise Charter arguments and cases where the accused was found unfit to stand trial.

Return to note 2 referrer. Research suggests that cases involving a female accused are less likely to result in multiple charges and that females are more likely to be first-time offenders, giving the courts the opportunity to divert these females out of the criminal justice system Kong and AuCoin Ontario Other sentences include absolute discharge, prohibition, seizure, forfeiture, compensation, pay purchaser, essays, apologies, counseling programs and conditional discharge. The Youth Criminal Justice Act YCJA provides for more age-appropriate responses to youth crime, acknowledging that extrajudicial measures which do not involve the formal court system "are often the most appropriate and effective way to address youth crime [and] allow for effective and timely interventions focused on correcting offending behaviour" YCJA The YCJA aims to divert youth offenders involved in less serious types of crime with extrajudicial measures, and, as a result, reduce "the over-reliance on incarceration for non-violent young persons.

This Juristat article uses data from multiple surveys to provide information on female offending in Canada. from the Incident-based Uniform Crime Reporting Survey show that females offend at a rate much lower than males, regardless of whether they are a youth or an adult.

Between andthere were females accused of homicide. In specifically, there were 70—one fewer than in However, the overall rate of females accused of homicide has remained consistent year-over-year since Between andManitoba recorded the highest provincial rate of females accused of homicide 1. Table 1 Persons accused of property offences, by age group and sex of accused, Canada, Table 2 Persons accused of police-reported crime for selected offences, by sex of the accused, Canada,