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You might not have expected that when you first started dating. I expected to feel sad and miss my boyfriend.

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By Merarri.

Learning a few good ways of coping with loneliness in a long distance relationship is crucial when the one you love is miles away. Feelings of deep sadness, frustration and loneliness can hover over you like a veil when you are in a long distance relationship. One of the ways of coping with loneliness in a long distance relationship is to have a regular communication schedule.

How to cope with long distance relationship depression

Making time to talk on a daily or weekly basis will help you feel connected regardless of how far apart you are. With time, eventually you will get a feel for how much communication is necessary to keep the both of you satisfied. Your man should be initiating texts and phone calls just as much as you are. But if your boyfriend is constantly pulling a disappearing act leaving you lonely and wondering where he is, it's time to reconsider the relationship.

Another tip that will help your bond stay strong is to spend some time with each other online.

25 little things you & your long-distance partner can do to feel less lonely

As strange as it may sound, hanging out online is the equivalent of spending quality time together when you are in a long distance relationship. Many long distance couples spend time listening to music, surfing the net, watching YouTube videos, playing online games or playing role playing games on a video console. Just because you are in a long distance relationship does not mean that you become a hermit staring at a cold screen waiting for your man to appear.

Go out and spend time with your friends doing fun things that you enjoy. So instead of bumming your guy out with depressing text messages, think of something fun that you want to learn and pursue that hobby.

This way even if you are in a long distance relationship, you are still growing and learning new things. Try escaping from your lonely feelings by watching a movie or having a movie marathon in your favorite genre. Look for movies that appeal to both of you.

Depression in a long-distance relationship

A long distance relationship can be so emotionally painful, especially when you long for his touch. One thing that can help alleviate those depressing feelings is to write about them in a journal. Get a journal specifically for your relationship and make good use of it when your feelings of despair, frustration and loneliness are palpable.

Being able to vent in a journal is much better than keeping them bottled up inside. Another way to keep busy or to distract yourself from those lonely feelings is to create a scrapbook of your long distance relationship. This scrapbook will be a visual reminder of why you are putting yourself through the challenges of a long distance relationship.

10 ways to crush long distance relationship depression, backed by science

Put your mementos of your relationship in this scrapbook. Going through your scrapbook when you are feeling down will be an instant boost of happiness and it will remind you why this relationship is worth it.

If you like, you can even create a digital scrapbook and share it with him. If you are in a long distance relationship and feel that you belong together, hang in there even when loneliness threatens to overwhelm you.

How to deal with extreme loneliness in a long distance relationship

Many long distance couples have found that all the emotional turmoil that they went through while they were apart was worth it in the end. Please rate this article.

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