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The demographic characteristics, patterns of drug use and perceptions of the price, purity and availability of ecstasy and related drugs among a sample of regular ecstasy users are described in this report. Their severity of drug dependence, perceptions of the effects of drug use eg.

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The abuse of deer or club drugs is associated with all-night dance parties called raves and is gaining popularity in the Central District. Younger party crowds, mostly teenagers and young adults, abuse these drugs.

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In Horizon :. Below are descriptions of twenty of the most dangerous drugs evaluated in a new study published in the Lancet medical journal.

Users take more thinking it hasn't worked and can overdose. It causes increases in body temperature and heart rate. At higher doses, drinkers may experience slurred speech, reduced coordination, nausea and vomiting. Long-term use can damage the heart, liver and stomach. However, the difference between a buzz-inducing dose and a lethal one is barely noticeable.

GHB can also kill when mixed with alcohol.

Victorian trends in ecstasy and related drug markets: findings from the party drugs initiative (pdi)

Sniffed straight from the bottle, it delivers a short high and relaxes sphincter muscles. Poppers may leave users sick and weak and are toxic if swallowed.

When injected it can produce feelings of euphoria. As it affects the part of the brain that controls breathing, an overdose can kill.

They can be intensely addictive. As tolerance builds up consumption increases, leading to paranoia, depression, panic attacks and violent mood swings. It has very strong pain-killing effects but has become a popular illegal drug because it is also a strong hallucinogen.

Illegal users can feel relaxed and sociable. A normal dose and an overdose are difficult to tell apart, making barbiturates very dangerous. Class: A injected and B capsules.

LSD is physiologically non-toxic. Illegal abuse can cause memory loss, nausea, anxiety and depression.

How much do drugs cost?

Consuming benzos with alcohol often kills. Illegal users crush the tablets and snort them for a quick high. Abuse can cause vomiting, convulsions, tremors, and delirium as well as dependency. Without medical guidance buprenorphines are highly addictive, and users are at high risk of overdosing. Many solvents are poisonous chemicals like tolumine and have a very toxic effect on the heart. In small doses cannabis induces euphoria, relaxation and pain relief but in high doses it can bring on paranoia and short-term memory loss. Use can also lead to some form of dependency.

Illegal methadone is often diluted with other ingredients and the strength of doses can be hard to judge.

Both forms of this class-A drug are dangerous. Crack reaches the brain almost instantly and leaves users very vulnerable to dependence. Home Explore the BBC. This has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about archiving. Full index. Non-flash index.

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Retail and wholesale drug prices

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