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As the senior population grows, so may the need for senior housing. Currently, about 15 percent of the U.

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See all 57 Low Income options in Florida currently available for rent. View floor plans, amenities and photos to find the best senior living option for you! Need Help Choosing?

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As the senior population grows, so may the need for senior housing. Currently, about 15 percent of the U. So either more senior apartments will be built, or senior housing waiting lists will get longer. Free membership. May 23rd, to send a reply to this message ref. If you want to chat that would be nice it makes the day go a little quicker. Kind regards Julie May 9th, to send a reply to this message ref. I am a single, interesting, adventurous, caring 61 year old black woman, with a zest for living, seeking a gentleman who knows when to be a man!

While I am a big fan of many communities, I have one big problem. I love the ocean, and get the shakes if I go too long without smelling salty air. Years ago when I sold homes in a Florida active adult communityI saw people that lived in condos come in every month and buy houses after realizing they could not hack condo living for one reason or another. The condo we live in was built in so I thought condo construction practices had evolved to the point of eliminating this pesky problem, but apparently not.

Everyone gets along here at the condo, but I think everyone has moments where they wish the people above them would just stop moving around. Our biggest problem is that we tend to be late risers. Meanwhile the lady that lives above us is an early riser, and goes out onto her patio to watch the sunrise every single morning.

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Because of where our bedroom is in relation to the patio, which is the same as her bedroom and patio we hear her get out of bed, use the bathroom, flush the toilet, open the sliding glass door, and adjust her chair to just the right sunrise viewing position. What I mean here is that in a normal community, you can pretty much count on another house being right next to you.

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Heck, it might even look exactly like yours. Here at our condo, just to the south of us we have a vacant lot and then an old hotel. The old hotel is currently shut down and undergoing renovations. But my biggest worry is what will become of the vacant lot. Now, I know the city, county, and local planning department will have a say in what can and will ever go there, but who knows? Dumb projects get approved all the time. I think the condo market in this part of the state being what it is, it will be a while before anything is built there. I have little concern for it blowing over or the roof blowing off.

But what puts you on edge during big storms is the sound. The wind finds any and every way it can to enter the building…hallways, vents, underneath doors…and when it does, it sounds like a constant train whistle blowing. But at night man, its tough to get to sleep with that sound. While it does help us feel safer, it does not cut down on the sound at all.

Another downside as it pertains to weather is if a higher category storm ever makes its way to us, and it will, if there is enough time the county typically evacuates the peninsula. You can read about those shenanigans here.

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If your wife or ificant other is a stickler for clean windows, good luck. With all the wind and sea spray from the ocean, your windows and sliders will get dirty in a hurry. We are on the 5th floor southeast corner of a story building, and I know almost everyone facing the same direction as us has the same issue.

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We have a service that comes out once a month, dangles down the side of the building and gets the job done. Hi Ryan, I live on the water in Ct and tried living inland, my college years in Philly. Needed that sand between my toes. Dirty windows lol yes indeed and seagull you bet we know each on first name basis. But the noise from the neighbors would irritate me, unless I was friends with the offender.

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I intend to move to Florida as soon as I can sell my lovely home here. I am open to them all. Many thanks for your column. Thank you for this article.

Senior housing waiting lists: how to get on them and get approved

I was going to move down to Florida but after reading all this information, I have decided that Florida is not for me. This is an interesting article. And timely. This definitely gives some food for thought. Somehow I am relieved to hear downside to the most costly option we are considering.

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I hear ya Lynn. But even despite the drawbacks, its the right choice for me. You cross that bridge heading home at the end of the day and you just feel like you are in a different world and all your troubles wash off.

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Hard to describe. That is the feeling. I love the St. Luice county location very much. I wont be near the beach and knew i didnt want a condo. I am opting for a villa type condo, manufactured home yes there are some real nice neighborhoods and homes or a small single family.

Senior housing waiting lists: how to get on them and get approved

I cant afford to live near the ocean but look forward to Lake County where at least there are bodies of water. Not the Villages though. We can also visit the coast. I understand the salt air is extremely detrimental for the outside portion of the air conditioners. Do you have any info on this? Florida is filled with condos and retirement homes in arrears, because their mortgage underwater owners have walked away. Closer to the ocean, higher the insurance. To counter unwanted noise, use a fan near the head of the bed, or a radio softly playing your kind of music.

It would drive me nuts — ocean or no ocean. I live in a condo about a mile from the ocean. I live on the ground floor. I hear absolutely nothing from my neighbors on either side of me and one of them has a 10 year old.

Also, anyone living in my building on any floor except for the ground floor, must put soundproofing on their floors.

57 low-income options in florida

As for the sliding glass door to the patio, this should not be so noisy as to annoy anyone. I absolutely love living in my condo and to be honest, I heard more noise from my neighbors when I lived in a private home. By the way, my building was built in Hi Marilyn — Yep, we have to do the soundproofing when we replace flooring too.

Works pretty well. Good thought on the door issue. Thanks for stopping by.

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I really enjoy your articles. Thank you for the articles …. Lived in a condo for a year. That got old quickly. Storage is also a problem. Unless you have the penthouse suite even that is not the same as having a 2 or 3 car garage you quickly run out of space to put things. How about company? All good points Bob. Anything above the height of a hook and ladder is way too high. If there was a fire you would be stuck. The rest of the house can be anything. Love your articles!

Looking now for a place between Melbourne beach and hutchinson island, Florida.

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What do you feel about this? It seems that the Mac have more things going on and you can drive a golf cart around…but the condos may hold up better in every way. My question is this. I have lived in both North Orlando and Clermont and loved them both but I also seek the ocean breeze!!! If my husband and I wanted to purchase a condo on the ocean and play snowbirds for a few more years can we purchase and rent out our condo to help pay for two homes until we relocate permanently?