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Posted January 25, Reviewed by Lybi Ma.

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When you first fall in love with someoneit's hard to imagine that those wonderful feelings come with the possibility that, someday, one of you might start falling out of it. We all love the excitement, the laughter, the getting to know each other, and the staying up all night until the morning after part. Some may say this is the part where all of us are good at everything. We are in the middle of having it all, not thinking that it may all fall apart one day. Like any person shocked to learn something wonderful is about to end, you find yourselves paralyzed, just standing there trying to make the most out of whatever time you have left.

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9 scientific s that you’re falling out of love

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No, thanks I hate pretty things. Falling in love is a magical, natural process. Our brains go nuts, releasing the same chemicals discharged during a crisis. Love even mimics the high sensation one feels while on cocaine. When the initial flame of infatuation subsides, we either settle into a steady, loving partnership or we let the romance fizzle out and move on. According to Simone Collins, who co-authored the bestselling book The Pragmatist's Guide to Relationships with her husband, falling out of love is just as natural as falling into it.

Love may disappear slowly over time or suddenly after a traumatic event. Partners may confuse infatuation for loveso they assume the romance is done as soon as things begin to cool. The truth is, people fall out of love for any of reasons.

It may even happen several times over the course of a lengthy relationship. Whether or not you let that feeling take over is entirely up to you! Here are seven s you might be falling out of love, and how to deal with it. Letting resentment simmer without talking about its source is a big indicator that you may be falling out of love.

Resentment is also classified as bitterness and it often develops when one partner feels underappreciated or unsupported. At this point, you're not able to see your partner's attributes.

1. holding resentment toward your partner

Love is a strong emotion, as is hate. Indifference, though, is the complete absence of feeling. Indifference may also look like actively deciding not to ask your partner questions.

But, if you genuinely have no desire to even be in the same room as them, it could be a of a larger problem. Arzt says folks who would rather spend all of their free time with other friends—or literally anyone else—may be falling out of love. Honest emotional connection and communication is fundamental to being in and maintaining a loving relationship. When you begin turning to friends, co-workers or family members with your feelings before confiding in your partner, it could be a that you no longer love that person. It can also be a symptom of distrust, which is a completely different issue.

Here are 10 uncomfortable s you're falling out of love.

Unloading emotions on someone outside the relationship can be incredibly tempting, especially during a difficult time. Tessina, Ph. D, aka "Dr.

Romance" a psychotherapist and author of Dr. Romance's Guide to Finding Love Today. Everyone needs to vent now and then. However, when small quips turn into long discussions about your dissatisfaction with the relationship, it veers into problematic territory.

Their imperfections start to stand out

These issues should be brought up with your partner directly. Carissa Coulston, a clinical psychologist and the relationship expert at The Eternity Roseagrees. Sexual relationships are full of peaks and valleys. Medication, trauma and stress can dramatically affect your libido. However, if you find yourself completely unattracted to your partner sexually, you may be falling out of love.

2. indifference toward your partner

You could also just be going through a dry spell. Speaking of the future, if you have zero interest in thinking of something fun or exciting to do with your partner next week or next year, your love could be dissolving.

It simply means the partnership needs attention. First and foremost, figure out if this is a chronic issue. However, when those one-offs become trends, it can be the of a bigger problem. Lee recommends journaling regularly and tracking your feelings.

You may not even notice how frequently you complain about your partner or how drastically your happiness levels have plummeted. For anyone neglecting to make future plans with their partner, consider what it is you envision for your future.

Communication diminishes

Then, what do you want in a lifelong partner? As soon as you sense resentment brewing, deal with it at the source. If you avoid it, bitterness has a way of spreading, multiplying and infecting other areas of the relationship. Think back on why you fell in love in the first place. What values and goals did you share with your partner? Be open with your partner as you discuss whether these values and goals have changed. Be sure to practice active listening during any and all discussions.

Avoid distractions and be genuinely curious about what your partner is going through, too. There is no shame in asking for help.

10 uncomfortable s you're falling out of love with your forever person

This could mean being mentored by another couple who has been through the ringer and survived. It could mean going to couples counseling. Why wait until things are horrible? Investing in a romantic relationship before things get really bad is a beautiful demonstration of love. Finally, know you are not alone.

Is a breakup imminent?

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