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When we feel disconnected from the people we care about, life is a lonely place.

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The author, Gary Chapman, based his theory that everyone has a primary love language that is, a category of behaviors that they most immediately associate with affection on his own observations as a counselor. Enumerated in the book and now well known to millions, the five love languages are quality time, physical touch, acts of service, giving and receiving gifts, and words of affirmation. Some would be jokes: Brunch is my love language.

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Relationships don't have to be complicated.

By learning to recognize these preferences in yourself and in your loved one, you can learn to identify the root of your conflicts, connect more profoundly, and truly begin to grow closer. Gary Chapman, Ph. Chapman is a well-known marriage counselor and director of marriage seminars. Chapman has been directly involved in real-life family counseling since the beginning of his ministry years, and his nationally-syndicated radio programs air nationally on Moody Radio Network and over affiliate stations. Dating, married, single, or simply looking for better ways to connect with others?

Get ready for an "aha" moment! Discovering your own primary love language will help you better understand yourself, as well as teach others how to love you best.

Relationships go two ways. Once you discover your love language, share it with your loved ones.

Acts of service

Then, ask them to share their with you so you can love them better. Want to get helpful suggestionsproduct updatesand even discount codes delivered straight to your inbox? The most common issue in any relationship is the communication barrier. Everyone experiences love differently, and it's easy to miss the mark when it comes to showing that you care. In his early years as a marriage counselor, Dr. Gary Chapman noticed that over and over, couples voiced similar complaints regarding their marriage.

What are the 5 love languagesĀ®?

And the other would protest, "I don't know what else to do. I'm doing everything I should be doing. Recognizing this pattern and remembering the rocky start in his own marriage, Dr. Chapman pored three years of session notes.

He asked himself, "When someone's saying, 'I feel like my spouse doesn't love me,' what did they want? Surprisingly, their answers fell into five differentrevealing a unique approach for how to effectively love another person.

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The premise is simple: Different people, with different personalities, give and receive love in different ways. These Love Languages don't only apply to couples, the concept holds true for friends, siblings, parents and their children, and relationships of every kind. Each individual has at least one primary love language that they prefer above the others and that is where it really starts to get interesting.

Want to intentionally strengthen and improve your relationships?

A new way to think about love.

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Acts of Service For these people, actions speak louder than words. Watch the video.

Receiving Gifts For some people, receiving a heartfelt gift is what makes them feel most loved. Quality Time This language is all about giving the other person your undivided attention.

Words of Affirmation This language uses words to affirm other people. Physical Touch To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate physical touch.

Meet Dr. Where to start Step 1. Take the Quiz. Exchange Your Relationships go two ways.

Explore the Bookstore. Weekly Newsletter Want to get helpful suggestionsproduct updatesand even discount codes delivered straight to your inbox? Subscribe Now. Then why do they always feel like they're not on the same ?

One spouse would say something like, "I feel like he doesn't love me. This revolutionary concept has improved millions of relationships across the globe.