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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Dec 28, First time system builder here, recently bought this case to replace my CM elite Everything worked out fine, except that i can't seems to get the fan controller to work and the manual doesn't specify how the fan controller cables should be connected.

Nzxt phantom case fan wiring, help needed.

I'm 4 fans in total, 2 mm default fan intake, 1 default top mm and 1 mm from my old case. There are 6 of those small connectors, 2 of them already connected to 2 of the fans by default and 4 of them currently not connected to anything. And there is the big molex connector, it is connected to the PSU and one of the fans. Tried changing the configuration of the fan connections, but it doesn't seems to work. The rear fan from my old case still sound as loud as it was running at 12V This fan normally runs at 7v back in my old case, and it's pretty quiet at 7v If anyone can help, i'd appreciate it.

Sorry that i can't provide any pictures but if you need me to describe further, say so. ed Jul 31, You need to plug a molex from your power supply into the molex on the fan controller. That gives power to all the fans.

If that doesn't work try using a different connector, use one that you know works one from another fan or something If that still dosen't work you may need to get a new fan controller. You can get then from free of NZXT I had to get a new one because mine was making a weird noise Just then: [ protected] and state you problem, put your shipping address in the and they should reply withing a week or so. It took about 2 weeks until i received my replacement one.

For the meantime just plug the fan directly onto your motherboard.

Fan installation

Good luck. All of the fans are connected via the 3 pin connectors currently, still doesn't work. Also, is the change instantaneous when it's switched from high to low? And is the change noticeable as in, does the RPM of the fan dips down when it's on low?

[solved] need help setting up nzxt phantom fan controller.

Using the stock fans that came with the case, except for the rear fan. I'd still look for other solution, ing them would be my last resort if everything else fails. Can't seems to get into the website. ed Oct 1, Quote: Originally Posted by TimUK You need to plug a molex from your power supply into the molex on the fan controller.

ed May 15, First time here. The X79 has plenty of spare fan plugins, but should I use some of the spare 4 - 3 Pin ones from the case instead? If I go directly to the mobo fan slots then those fans will not be controlled by the case controller correct? Thank you for your help. ed May 26, ed Mar 9, Quote: Originally Posted by joemcg Hi all - great site with nice info.

ed Apr 12, I figured that the large molex went to the PSU. What about the four smaller plugs pictured at the top of this thread? ed May 8, I'm trying to install the wires, but i cant! Where do i put the four smaller plugs?

ed Aug 15, Quote: Originally Posted by lazostat Can someone help in the above question? ed Aug 23, Had this thing for over a year and didn't know. Wasn't until now that I need some more airflow that I found it. Love this site. Nowhere in the documents that I see they say where it's at or even if there is one. ed Jan 31, Same issue happened to me, just got off the phone with NZXT.

As for those four smaller plugs - they say you can use them to daisy-chain additional fans. Which is nice since that way they will be controlled by the same fan controller. the discussion.

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