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Oregon woman searching yantra for Sri

This diagram is formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the Central Bindu point.

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This text is an extract of a much longer article that originally appeared in Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Vol.

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Officials suspected it took thousands of dollars and a lot of man power to complete along with high tech equipment and lasers.

Other people, including professors, believed it to be the work of aliens. Bill Witherspoon is an artist from Iowa.

He claimed he and three friends and his ten year old son created the symbol on the playa in the Alvord Desert. The symbol is a Sri Yantra Mandala and is supposed to help with meditation. Experts said the etching was done with perfect geometric precision, and were surprised to find out it had been made in just 10 days and with primitive instruments. Some say Witherspoon and his friends are claiming credit for something made by aliens perhaps paid off by the government to do so and have a hard time believing that these men made the etching in the sweltering heat of summer.

They only found it after it was completed.

This website details more discrepancies that supposedly prove Witherspoon did not create the etching. Check out this old news footage of the desert etching and the mystery surrounding it:. They said that the site that was defaced had been under consideration for protection as desert wilderness.

The next summer Witherspoon returned to the Alvord Desert to the Alvord Ranch, with permission this time, and created another desert etching, this time twice the size of the last. The second etching was of Hindu and Native American origins and included nine miles of etchings filled with red volcanic cinder.

This second etching on private land was at the base of Steens Mountain. Let us know in a comment and tag friends who love mysteries.

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Is this oregon mystery really solved: etchings in the desert

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