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The true story of how I fucked my sister, It started out innocently enough, my sister had just turned 18 and now here she was graduating high school.

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Posted Jun 7, by anonymous views 36 comments. Last weekend my sister and I went out of town for a family wedding, seeing that it was a 6 hour drive we decided to stay over night at a motel because we wanted to save money we decided to share a room and reserved a room with two beds when we got to the motel the evening before the wedding and went to the room we found that it only had one bed king sized bed instead of two double beds.

We thought that would be OK besides we were adults and thought we would control ourselves. Come on show me! Now are you satisfied?

For : fucking my sister all day

Come on let me see it! We better stop this! Do you want to do it?

Then I slowly pushed my erect cock into my sisters warm wet cunt! As I fucked her I could feel that her pussy was sopping wet now then it happed and I came to climax inside of my own sister and it was wonderful, now I could heard a wet sound of us having intercourse! Finally when it was over I could feel that there was a big wet spot under my sister, then as I got up off of her I seen that was sisters pussy was dripping with her sexual fluids.

I liked it! I have fucked my little sister twice; once when she was a virgin at 16 and again after she had been married for a while in her late 20s. She is awesome in and out of bed. Mom and I travel a lot across the country to visit family members while dad is in the military.

We share bed all the time just when I was curious about mom body. I start asking question and touching her in the middle of night when she sound asleep. She give me the birds and the bees story. I looked into her eyes and didn't really get what she was talking about.

Then proceed to show me while taking off her clothes. Next thing I remember she was stroking my cock and ask me to rub her pussy.

I fucked my sister

The rest is history. We been having sex ever since. I am married now and have my own family, but I still visit her often enough to get a quick fuck without dad knowing it. My brother and I have been fucking for about a year. I have recently decided to take it to the next level by getting pregnant. I want to give my brother a baby. My gut feel is that mom and dad know about us, but look the other way.

Therefore I am assuming they would not be too upset or distressed if I turned up pregnant. I fucked my order sister she was 35 and I was 13 I had to stay the summer with her to help her with the house work and we slept in the same bed room because the other rooms were full of stuff and we fucked for about two years and one night my sister's daughter cought us fucking and then she wanted me to fuck her I fucked my niece for years I got her pregnant when she was We just started have sex one day after I got pussy juice on my fingers and licked it off.

When I felt her wet pussy for the first time I got hade and stuck my dick in until I came real fast I started to practice every day and when I got older I started fucking her in her tight ass hole after my parents walked in and saw u fucking and gave us some tips. Holy shit this made me so fucking wet had to bring my brother in ny room to fuck me and let ke suck his dick.

The true story of how i fucked my sister

Well guess what, it's your lucky day! As long as you are a liberal Democrat, live in Chicago and think this is a very honorable and highly respected progressive alternative sexual lifestyle, then you can the Chicago incestuous community.

There's a "damn fine young lady named Amanda " who is an advocate for incest in Chicago and apparently the entire city loves,respects and honors every single person who is very incestuous. From the sounds of it, everyone in Chicago is very incestuous and very honorable gentlemen are having children with their daughters and sisters every single day. Its like one big steamy inbred family there and they call themselves chicagoans!

My two year older sister got married, moved half way across the country and we only saw each other on holidays for years. Then she got divorced and came back home after 20yrs. I have a good contacting business working with a large retail chain and I go to the job sites all over the country and supervise the construction. She asked about sleeping arrangements, and I told her you choose, the small bunk or my big bed in the back of the bus.

She tried the bunk bed for two nights and then moved in with me. She went back to her maiden name and everyone assumes we are married.

I do have to hand it to my ex brother in law he taught my sister well, she gives great head and has no problem taking it up the ass. She keeps her pussy shaved and keeps her body fit.

I hope the 2 of you had a beautiful baby. Please provide us with an update.

My sister fucked me when i was years old and she was years old. We stopped when she went to college because i started to feel uncomfortable about it, but having hit puberty and my horniness increasing exponentially im starting to fuck her on the weekends when she comes back from college. When she comes home on wednesday im going to fuck her silly!

Complete fantasy, but at the end you should have said the condom broke or slipped off and she was full of your cum. My sister drives a van with a nice bed in the back. We went to the drive-in theater, parked in the back row and backed in. This was so cool, back doors open, we lay on the bed and watched the movie. She was ten when I was born and she would take me every where when she started driving. We always had so much fun, the drive-in was no exception. It started raining so she closed the rear doors, I asked if she was going to turn the can around, she said no she has other plans.

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She started getting undressed, she was naked and got next to me. She said are you going to me or keep your clothes on. She has huge tits and had them in my face. She stroked it and I lost it and shot cum everywhere.

She wiped it up with my underwear and climbed on top of me. I was soft but she slid down and sucked my dick until i was hard. She said have you ever fucked a girl before, i said no. She said well you're going to tonight. I was sucking, she was going up and down on my dick. It happened again, i started squirting inside her.

She dropped down and started grinding and said thats do warm it feels good. We rested, she got up and got dressed. She told me to get dressed and we were leaving. I asked if she was taking me home she said no she told mom i was staying at her apartment tonight. She said were going to her bed because she wants to fuck all night and that's what we did. We didn't go to sleep until daylight. I woke up, she was in the shower.

She asked me if I wanted to learn to eat pussy. She said you're lucky, not many fourteen year olds have a teacher like me. We lay around naked all day, it was great. My sister was naked sprawled out on a bed passed out drunk after the fourth guy fucked her I fucked her. None of them knew she was my sister and to this day there's no damn clue who her child's father is.

Is okay fucking your own sister after our divorced with our partner she and I decided to moved in together. We are in our 50's shared a nice house and we sleep together like husband and wife. I didn't know she have a wild and kinky side I love it. Our parents always told us there going to be a time it will just the two of you so be nice to each other, boy they were right. We are together for sure till death due us apart. Sounds very much like my sister and I. She married a guy in the military at Moved overseas for two years, found out from a hospital bill that her husband had a "newborn" with another woman, and she moved back to the states.

My parent's, were now living in an apartment with only 1 br. In the meantime, my wife got involved with a woman she worked with and left me to be a lesbian. My sister, moves in with me. We can't go anywhere because of Covid, so, we drink at home one night, realize we are both horny as fuck, and it happens!

I finally fucked my little sister

Her pussy was slick and smooth as a babys, too. I'd never thought about my sister sucking cock or swallowing cum, but she does and don't know who taught her but, she def has some bedroom skills there. We felt bad the next day but then it happened again Her pussy is truly mine now, and she worships my cock like no other ever has.

I think she really loves it! We are simply crazy about one another.