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Posted September 15, Reviewed by Jessica Schrader.

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Posted August 12, Reviewed by Matt Huston. Men tend to take the lead in far-reaching misogynistic movements see also my posts on male misogyny, e. But very many women are misogynists too. In fact, some evidence suggests that on Twitter, women use misogynistic language more frequently than men do. Like their male counterparts, female misogynists are driven by either unjustified hate or contempt for women.

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Podcasting is a big business and one that is expected to keep growing. According to Podcast Insightsthere are currently overpodcasts and over 28 million episodes as of last month. Yet, podcasting remains a genre mostly used and created by white people.

Here's a newsflash for you: sexuality is not politically correct.

There is anecdotal evidence, though, that more black people—and black women in particular—are turning to podcasting as a way to amplify their voices. With that in mind, here is a round-up of 20 podcasts by black women that are sure to inspire, spark joy, and give you a few giggles.

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This biweekly mental health podcast is for women of color who seek wholeness through affirming their worth and placing value on their mental health. This self-care podcast hosted by Lestraundra Alfred is known for providing a dose of real-life wellness for women of color. She often has guests on who have candid discussions surrounding healthy lifestyle and happiness.

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Having met at radio station Hot 97, hosts Scottie Beam, Gia Peppers, Sapphira, Bex, and Alysha P come together for giggle-worthy conversation on the topics of sisterhood, pop culture, love, dreams, and growth. Hosted by Bola Sokunbi, this podcast is a platform for financial education that assists women to get out of debt, save, and build their wealth.

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On The Courtney Sanders Show formally known as The Think and Grow Chick Podcasthost Courtney dives into entrepreneurship, finances, spirituality, and personal growth topics that are sure to kick you in the butt to chase your goals.

Hosts Keia and Jade are two happy and whole somethings figuring their adult lives out. On a weekly basis, they discuss all things regarding black women self-care and pet peeves sure to give the listening audience a chuckle. The H. R space stands for healing, empowerment and resilience.

Participants discussed this history of asian american marginalization and present-day consequences

In this podcast hosts Terri Lomax and Dr. This podcast touches on society biases and pop culture in a relatable way. The host of the Introverted Black Girl Podcastwho is set to reveal her identity this Spring, shares stories of her day-to-day experiences as a black introverted girl in a world that seems to be rigged for extroverts.

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Hosted by Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Oriji, this lifestyle podcast is a random mix of talk on life happenings, success, food, and all things the hosts love. In this hilarious podcast Luvvie rants about society and all things pop culture. This podcast, hosted by Shirley McAlpine business consultant and executive coach asks black women what empowers them.

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This entrepreneurship podcast hosted by Nicaila Matthews Okome shines the spotlight on black females who have scaled their side hustles to profitable, established businesses in an effort to assist listeners to learn actionable strategies they can apply in the infancy stages of their business. The host of this podcast, Abiola Abrams, is an empowerment superstar and author whose mission is to assist heart-based entrepreneurs succeed.

20 must-listen to black women podcasts for

She touches on all things law-of-attraction and healing to build soul-fulfilled, thriving businesses. The Broomstick Podcast hosted by Natalie Edwards shares all things weddings and marriages for women of color.

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The Glow Up Podcast shares stories and takeaways to assist listeners to glow up in their career, finances and personal life. As a d psychologist in Atlanta, Joy Harden Bradford, PhD, provides a weekly share session on all things mental health and personal development. Bradford touches on the latest mental health news and trends, as well as provides practical tips and answers listener questions.

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Changing Industries. As a leading business consultant, keynote speaker, best-selling author, podcaster, contributor for Black Enterprise, founder x2 and the creator of Cubicle Ditch Academy, she is known for her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to solve her audience's problems in creative ways.

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In January she founded Best, Periodt. Having studied the behaviors, fears and desires of consumers millennials in particularshe is the go-to Freedom Slayer to assist this generation to shine brightly, helping them to not just learn how to turn passions into profits, but also how to build sustainable businesses that solve real problems for customers.

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Even with Best, Periodt. She regularly serves thousands of ambitious women globally through her products, newsletter, trainings, podcast and programs. Check out her Forbes-featured Freedom Slay Podcast everywhere podcasts can be found.