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Now we are breaking up. The drama will be a famous Korean drama. This drama will be a hit because the song Hye Kyo famous Korean actress is starring in this.

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She is a cold-hearted realist and she prioritizes stability first.

She is smart, beautiful, self-disciplined and sensitive to trends. He has everything like intelligence, wealth and handsome appearance. Name required. Mail required but will not be published. Chimy Jul 16 pm I hope the story different from encounter. Carl Jul 09 pm The synopsis kinda similar to encounter though. Hoping for a plot twist at least or I guess I'm gonna skip this one.

Now, we are breaking up ()

Jean Jul 06 pm Waaaahh!!! Now, I am definitely watching this and seeing Sehun is here too, yess!! Actor Sehun here we gooo!! So, You don't need to worry about their age gap Gene Jun 25 pm Hello!!! Nicole Jun 24 pm I am so excited! Cecily K. Jun 24 am The writer of this drama was also in charge of Misty Lestari Jun 15 pm Woooowww Ida Jun 12 am Excited.

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Song Hye kyeo n Jang Ki Yong? Missie Jun 10 am I am so excited Princess Ellaine Tadeo Jun 06 pm Whoaaa!!! Cant wait!!! Oithoi Jun 06 am Song Hye Kyo omgggggggggg Welcome Back My Queen. For those who don't know who is Jang Ki young, u can watch his drama :- "come and hug me", "www search" and "kill it". He is awesome. Believe me, this drama also having a great storytelling. Go watch it!!!

Can't Wait Anymore. Pembunuh Tae Oh May 20 am Oh god.

I can't wait Scarwolf May 19 pm Wow! I definitely can't wait to start watching this. Needless to mention how great Song hye kyo is.

Esther May 13 am Can't wait to see this Kdrama. Will it be available to watch on Netflix for us Westerners? Aerin Arizona May 04 am Song Hye kyo is so beautiful!! Her role is perfectly made for her. Hana May 02 pm So excited for this!!!! Also everyone is pressed about it being a "noona romance" wtf? Like that's considered normal.

Has song hye-kyo’s now, we are breaking up received official release date? know in detail!

Many couples exist of both types, we must not think in backward, double standard heavy society way!! The fact that you only see age when the woman is older is F'ed up. Every single leading couple in kdramas has age difference usually guy is much older so stop making it an issue I'm excited! Jham Apr 25 pm Omg can't wait!!!!! Brigino Apr 16 am Song Hye Kyo is back? Surabhi Apr 13 am Wow Sehun playing as a deer.

Sehun should have been one of the main characters but anyways I'm so excited to see actor Sehun back in action. He's gonna rock it. Pawie Apr 11 am So happy to see Actor Sehun again! How to calm knowing Jang Ki Yong and Sehun will work together?! I just can't wait for this plus that Song Hye Kyo is the female lead! This would be good! Indonesian Apr 09 am Song Hye Kyo OMG, can't wait this Love you SHK, you're the most beautiful woman on earth At least for me, haha Ely Apr 07 am I love song hye kyo drama. Can't wait for this drama!! Nadahalim Apr 06 am Sehunohri sehunna workhard my love now that the whole world is looking at you work hard.

We will always root for you. Love you. Osh94 Apr 06 am Actor Sehun is back? I'll still be watching though haha.

Nana Mar 19 am Fighting Jang Ki yong! Angelica Palma Mar 17 am I don't understand why people already criticizing the drama when it's not yet even started??

Now, we are breaking up

Hlulani Maluleke Mar 16 am I think the drama will be interesting coz song hye kyo is there im always watching k-Drama coz of her, she is my favorite actress in Koreans Drama. Well i will be watching ut from South Africa i cnt wait to watch it though. I love Jang Kiyoung I thought he rejected the offer. This role doesn't offer him anything new same with SHK. Both have been in dramas with similar plotlines.

Goodluck I guess I wont be watching this :. Ha ji see Mar 15 am Omg! Noona Romance again with 11 years gap I love it Welcome back Song Hye Kyo. Hyena Han Mar 14 pm noona romance again with 11 years gap, huh?

"now we are breaking up": 6 things to know about song hye-kyo's new drama

Anita Mar 14 am I think it would've been better if shd was partnered with the 2nd lead though Ja hu si Mar 12 pm shairli because her face look younger day by day. Unni fighting no matter what they say. Why SHK must be partnered with much younger actor? I Cant Waitttt!!! Awi ka rei Mar 12 am Omg! Song Hye Kyo Love U so so much.

Now we are breaking up () release date, cast name & summary plot

Chicken ramen Mar 11 am Holy moly. Ely Mar 11 am I loveeeeeeeee. OMG Mar 10 am Oh my. Jang ki young and Song hye kyo!! Leave a Comment Name required Mail required but will not be published Website Comments Chimy Jul 16 pm I hope the story different from encounter.