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Did my strong opinionated headline draw you in? Or not all Pakistani men.

Just some. Maybe many.

Actually most. This draws from my experiences of working, living, interacting with and just being around some garbage Pakistani men.

So here we are. R e ason one: Mega-Mansplaininga double feature with an extended cinematic ending no one asked to see. Back in the day, it would be that a guy would just come and explain something to you in a way that made you feel like you were a brainless fish that had got lost in its own tiny aquarium.

You felt like a guppy, an idiot when this guy came and explained something to you that you already knew. Let me explain, or mansplain, wow. Cue scenario:. You like cricket. No, you love cricket. But remember: no matter how much cricket means to you, it will mean way more to the Pakistani man in your life who will feel the constant need to test you about your cricket knowledge.

We asked pakistani men the ‘one’ thing they notice in women and their responses were eye-opening!

You like cricket? You get the point.

I do, and when I say I do, I mean I really really do. This man will bash something I believe in and then also share a laugh with other men at work to make me feel small and stupid. Moving on. The next time the girl hears from him will be when he sends her lovelorn depressing texts in the middle of the night claiming she was the love of his life until she finally blocks him and walks away. And why does this happen, you may ask?

Nayab malik

Why do these girls get left on read? Pakistani guys will hook up with women from all over the world, but will then dump them in a heartbeat because suddenly, after 5 years of being together, the girl is just not acceptable.

I wonder if moms are reading this. Moms, if you see this, please do better. Some even outright cheat on their ificant others. But if you, a woman who is with a Pakistani men ever happen to lust over another guy, a guy who is NOT your guy, if you ever hit on, flirt with or sometimes even talk to another man who you might find attractive, you are a w-h-o-r-e and there is a special place in whore-hell for you, honey.

Sana likes that weirdo? No way. There is no theory. If you see or hear any of the disturbing behavior described above, walk away and notify other people. You deserve it. Get started. Open in app.

5 reasons pakistani men are garbage

Nayab Malik. in Get started.

Get started Open in app. I travel sometimes and write all the time. More from Nayab Malik Follow.

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